Spelling Bee

2012 BAISS Spelling Bee

Bahamas Academy shines once again. The annual BAISS (Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools) Spelling Bee competition was held February 2, 2012. Two students entered from Bahamas Academy: Celesta Stuart (grade 6) and Breann Rahming (grade 7).

The school family is pleased to announce that Bahamas Academy not only dominated the competition but came away with top honors. Breann Rahming did a remarkable job by placing first after thirty-one (31) grueling rounds of competition, where she spelt her winning word, “Malice”. Seems simple? Not in the least. After some very difficult words she was blessed to enjoy her smooth victory. She battled the competition through nineteen rounds with her competitor before she was declared CHAMPION.

We are indeed proud of her two coaches, Ms. Tameka Mamby and Mrs. Pamela Sullivan, for working tirelessly with both girls. We also congratulate their parents as they too were coaches ensuring that the girls studied, ate, rested, and completed all other assignments.

On March 25, 2012, Breann will represent the private schools of New Providence in the National Spelling Bee Competition.

Congrats again Bahamas Academy, and continue to allow God to guide and lead.

Article By: Marie Rolle