Power of Prayer

On entering the courtyard of the Elementary Division of Bahamas Academy on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, students, teachers, and parents were greeted with the sound of worship music and a banner that proclaimed “God Rules!”

The sight of children, parents, and staff eagerly forming a line to write their heartfelt concerns and hopes to be placed in the Prayer Box was a sure sign that this day was a special one. A staff member reported that as the school body assembled for the official start of the ‘Day of Prayer’, she overheard one student tell her friend, “I’m afraid to pray”. To this her friend replied, “All you have to do is talk to God like you talk to me.” These words were echoed throughout the day in various forms. A skit portrayed what happens when one prays to the heavenly Father.

The service ended with a season of prayer led by Pastor Al Powell, Sabbath School and personal ministries director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union. Children partnered with a friend and prayed for each other’s concerns and needs.

Covered on the outside in white and draped in purple within, the Prayer Room was a sanctuary to which students and parents came throughout the day to have a pastor pray just for them or to have a solitary moment with The Master. The singing of hymns of adoration and prayer said by two parents brought the Spiritfilled day to a close.

While the elementary students were engaging in their prayer activities, the little ones and their teachers at the Early Learning Centre were also talking to Jesus and learning about prayer through vivid slide presentations and posters. Their theme was “More Prayer, More Power.” ‘These events, I believe,” said Pastor Powell, “brought the children to understand the power of prayer, the necessity to pray, and how easy it is to approach God. It is exciting to see the changes happening with teachers, parents, and students!”

Article By: Alerine Damastus