A Christmas Message

Anthony Burrows
This is the season of the year when most individuals will take some time to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. Churches will be filled with people, tables will be filled with food and houses will be filled with presents.

We at Bahamas Academy wish to encourage you to give thanks for the many blessings that came your way during the course of 2010. Some of you did not get a flat tire, others did not experience sickness of any kind and still others did not lose any family members.

Isn’t God a good God? And for those who went through some discomfort, God is still good. He is still love and He still wants only what is best for each of us.

Our first term’s grades have reflected that there is a lot of room for improvement in some cases. Others will be thankful for having made it through with a “C” average and still others will be ecstatic at having made the Honour Roll or Principal’s list.

As you enjoy the Christmas break, take some time to give thanks. Take some time to help someone in need. Take some time to prepare yourself to be ready for that time when Jesus will come, not as a Baby in Bethlehem but as conquering King of Kings and as our Lord and Saviour.

On behalf of my wife and children, I take this opportunity to wish each worker, parent, student and all of our well wishers, a happy holiday season and a spirit filled new year. May the God of Heaven continue to shower His blessings upon each of you as you seek to do His will in 2011.