Baptism At Bahamas Academy

On March 7, 2011, the eager students of Bahamas Academy Elementary, filed into the school’s gym to witness their fellow classmates’ baptisms.

After the fall week of prayer, conducted in October 2010, Pastors Danny Major and Lynden Williams worked with a group of students who showed great interest in accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. From that group, seven students expressed their readiness for baptism.

Celebrating this occasion with the students were the officers of the South Bahamas Conference, the Director of Education, and the parents of the candidates.

Mr. Burrows, principal of Bahamas Academy, brought brief remarks and presented each baptismal candidate with a Bible. Wilfred Ferguson of Grade 6 Mamby introduced the speaker, Pastor Paul Scavella, chairman of the School Board and president of the South Bahamas Conference. The Bahamas Academy Elementary School Choir’s rendition of the song, ‘Let My Life Praise You’ was simply breathtaking.

The baptismal service was solemn. The parents of the candidates witnessed their children seal their decision for Christ as they were baptized by Pastor Scavella. Inevitably, there were glimpses of teary-eyed onlookers as they rejoiced with these students who decided to make Jesus Lord and Savior of their lives.

At Bahamas Academy, we strive for excellence in everything we do; however, our priority is to lead boys and girls to a personal knowledge of Jesus, their Saviour. We thank God for our students who continue to let us know that our labours are not in vain.