February 2011

Students Encouraged To Think Big

Students at the high school division of Bahamas Academy sat spell bound as they listened to Dr. Joseph Evans, well-known Bahamian urologist, during their assembly held on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, as he told the story of a little boy who succeeded in spite of the many odds against him. Dr. Evans compared the little boy to Sir Winston Churchill who kept dreaming and working towards his dreams, eventually becoming the Prime Minister of England.

Dr. Evans recounted how the boy always wanted to excel so badly that he would sometimes study for over twenty-four hours without sleep. After completing college, the young man wanted to become a doctor, but was denied entry into all the schools to which he applied because of his race. He then decided that he would complete a degree in pharmacy and did so with honors; but he was still determined to become a doctor. When getting into medical school seemed hopeless, he decided that he would apply to complete a doctoral degree, and during this process, a friend encouraged him to apply once more to a medical school. He did and was accepted.

The young man excelled in medical school, and after completing, he helped hundreds of Bahamians. He was the first Bahamian to practice urology in the Bahamas and has operated on persons in very high positions, even the Governor General of The Bahamas.

Students were amazed and applauded when Dr. Evans revealed that the person he was talking about was himself. He, the young Bahamian who passed through Bahamas Academy, succeeded in coming back home as a doctor.

“Be ambitious and think big," Dr. Evans said. "After all, someday you may be my doctor.”

Students were enthralled by Dr. Evans’ testimony. One student said,

"He reminds me of Ben Carson. I did not know that someone so close to us has a story like that."

Article By: John Garcia